Ali Imran - 26

"Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Wahai Tuhan yang mempunyai kuasa pemerintahan! Engkaulah yang memberi kuasa pemerintahan kepada sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki, dan Engkaulah yang mencabut kuasa pemerintahan dari sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki. Engkaulah juga yang memuliakan sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki, dan Engkaulah yang menghina sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki. Dalam kekuasaan Engkaulah sahaja adanya segala kebaikan. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu. "


Rearrange Realign ur life - Change Change Change

This is a song about re-arranging your life. Talks of shady deals and contracts (”It’s not the way we want it to be, but those in power don’t want to see”), the struggle for change and the quest for justice and transparency. Quite appropriate for a guy named Adil Johan (”Champion of Justice”). Steve Naris Nanda: Drums; Hiro Maekawa: Bass; Terrence Liew: Keys; Adil Johan: Sax + Vocals.

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Wayang Free
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Najib must be Screened by a Royal Commission of Inquiry

oleh: Kim Quek, Center For Policy Initiatives 30 March, 2009

At a heated press conference at the end of the UMNO Annual Assembly on March 28, the newly crowned President of UMNO Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak failed to dispel swirling rumours of his alleged links to the murder of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu.

This press conference had attracted unusually intense foreign press attention, due to heightened international media coverage over the scandal as Najib’s anticipated ascension to premiership nears. And as the name of Altantuya splashes in news features that pop up all over the world from France to Australia and from US to India, Najib seems to be irretrievably linked to this sex-corruption-murder scandal in which a multi-billion dollar Government arms purchase featured prominently.

Answering a barrage of questions from foreign journalists whether these persistent aspersions would undermine his premiership, Najib only repeatedly said: “These are malicious and baseless lies. I have already given my answers, but they persist. This is an opposition ploy.”

Najib sounded as if he had already given all the necessary explanations to exonerate himself from his apparently strong connection to the case, but actually all he had done was the repeated uttering of these few words: “I had never met the Mongolian woman, I had never known her”, full stop. In fact, he swore in public several times, using words to the same effect.


If Najib thought those few words were sufficient to quell the mountain of suspicion arising from the myriad of burning questions as yet unanswered - in the face of dubious action or inaction by the law enforcers - he must have been terribly naïve, and he completely underestimated the intelligence of the public. Just to pick a few of these at random to demonstrate how serious these questions are:

  • Private investigator P. Balasubramaniam and his family mysteriously disappeared a day after he revealed in a sworn statement intimate details incriminating Najib to the murder case in July 2008. Despite promises to investigate, the police have remained silent over the contents of this affidavit. And the court had also barred the admission of this document. Why did the police and the court keep a safe distance from this document that could have led to a break-through of this trial? What has happened to Bala and family – as nobody seemed to know their whereabouts?
  • Why did the court – prosecutors, defence lawyers and judge – acting in unison, block further evidence from Altantuya’s cousin Burmaa Oyunchinmeg when she testified that Najib appeared in a photograph with Altantuya?
  • Why did the court block further evidence upon revelation in court that Malaysian immigration records of Altantuya and her two Mongolian companions had been mysteriously erased? Shouldn’t such erasure have been considered an important lead and an indication that some VVIP was involved?
  • Why were Najib and his aide-de-camp Musa Safri not investigated and called to the witness stand, since it was Musa Safri who gave instruction to the first accused (first and second accused were Najib’s bodyguards) to take care of third accused Razak Baginda’s ‘woman problem’. Now that Razak Baginda (a close associate of Najib) had been declared innocent, the court is left with the bizarre scenario of a murder without a motive, since the first two accused had no motive on their own to kill the victim.

It does not take a Sherlock Holmes or a legal expert to smell a rat in the handling of this murder case – a possible conspiracy to cover up for the real culprit.

During the press conference, not satisfied with Najib’s simplistic answers, journalists repeatedly asked the same questions. Finally, Najib snapped: “We will deal with it, we know how to handle it.” When asked whether this means possible crack-downs against his political opponents, Najib protested: “It is not fair to prejudge me. Give me a chance to take office first. Judge me by my action.”


So, Najib is pleading to be allowed to become the prime minister first, then judge him for what he does.

But is it fair to ask the nation to accept the risk of appointing a prime minister when such formidable dark clouds clearly hang over his head? If there is indeed incriminating evidence, would it not act as a potential time bomb that could cause the PM to be prosecuted or subject to blackmail by those in possession of such evidence? Even if such evidence is non-existent, Najib has no way of running away from this taint, which would surely undermine his standing and effectiveness as prime minister at home and abroad, so long as he refuses to submit himself to a proper investigation and subsequent vindication in a court of law.


It is therefore imperative that a royal commission be set up to clear Najib of such suspicion before his appointment as PM (if he is innocent) to safeguard national interests. That would mean a delay of a few months to his impending appointment.

I can see no possible reason to object to such a postponement, as incumbent Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, whose term does not end until 2013, is fully capable of helming the state, fresh from accolades heaped upon him by his party for rendering invaluable service to the nation.

Najib in particular should welcome such an authoritative process to free him from the current tag and enhance his credibility as future premier, and he should therefore have no objection to such a postponement to the highest office of the land. Unless of course, for reasons only known to himself, he cannot afford to be so probed; neither could he afford not to be at the pinnacle of power at this very moment.

As for the nation at large, such an independent inquiry should bring a sigh of relief that the future premier is cleared of at least the taint of suspicion in relation to a high-profile murder of a foreign national.

Mengapa Kalai tidak dicalonkan

Ulasan RPK

News Item 1: Jerai PKR division dissolved

A PKR division chief has pulled out from PKR, taking over 400 party members with him. Jerai PKR division chief B. Kalaivanar said his decision to leave PKR was due to his disappointment and frustration, as well as many other members’, with the party’s leadership that has ignored the voices of those who had struggled for the party. (You can read the rest of the news item below).

Now read this:

News item 2: PKR man faces cheating rap

Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate for the Gurun state seat in the last general election B. Kalaivanar was charged at the magistrate’s court yesterday with two counts of cheating involving RM3,600. Kalaivanar, who is also Jerai PKR division chairman, claimed trial to inducing R. Patchama, 59, to hand over RM2,000 in April 2004 as payment to process an application for aid with the Social Security Organisation (Sosco). (You can read the rest of the news item below).

Do I need to explain what is going on in Kedah or are you intelligent enough to grasp the situation? It is quite simple really. Contest the by-election and then win. And after you win you negotiate a deal to cross over to Barisan Nasional -- such as a cash payment of RM5 million plus for the court case to be dropped.. Ulasan penuh RPK

ezam Tunjuk Bangang di Bukit Selambau

oleh: cikgubard

Semalam seorang yang cheGuBard anggap abang, Ezam Mohd Nor berceramah di Bukit Selambau. Ceramah yang diadakan di Sungai Lalang di perkarangan rumah penyokong Umno itu mulanya dijangka besar tetapi hanya dihadiri kira - kira 20 orang petugas Bn sendiri.

Ezam masih seorang pemidato hebat tapi cuma gayanya sahaja hebat malangnya pengisiannya agak kosong. Semalam seorang teman telah pergi merakam ceramah beliau. Terus terang cheGuBard katakan yang setelah menonton rakamanya semalam hati ini sedih Ezam seolah tercari - cari rentak ceramah. Jelas apa yang dia cuba sampaikan bukan dari dalam naluri beliau.

Dia dengan jelas semalam menyebut "PKR parti tiada maruah...bagaimana nak ada maruah calon yang diletakkan pun juga Hitam....Letak Calon India"....

Sedarkah kamu saudara Ezam calon Bn yang kamu datang sokong itu juga India dari MIC.

Isu PR Dikekang

Polis Larang Penceramah Guna Isu Altantuya, Istana, Sultan

Pembantu ADUN Sepetang, Tai Sing Ng diberitakan telah menerima satu senarai larangan tambahan ke atas penceramah untuk pilihanraya kecil parlimen Bukit Gantang pada 7 April.


Larangan ini sudah tentu akan mengekang usaha Pakatan Rakyat menjelaskan krisis perlembagaan dan rampasan kuasa yang membawa kepada kemelut politik paling buruk dalam sejarah Perak.. Dan ia dilihat sebagai cubaaan terbaru bagi pihak kerajaan BN untuk mengekang rakyat dari memahami isu-isu kepentingan umum.

Tell me, what can the Pakatan Rakyat campaigners talk about? Cats and dogs ONLY, I guess!

Or they can talk about Elizabeth Wong, the wronged politician from Bukit Lanjan, and how her tragic tale was a conspiracy by UMNO to shame Pakatan Rakyat. It seems Ezam Mohd Nor is already doing his rounds about this issue. ulasan SLoone

Apa pula kata TG Nik Aziz


Kerajaan Rakyat ada ilham tersendiri

Kalau Altantuya tak boleh sebut tak apa le, kita sebut sahaja "Allahyarhamah Siti Aminah Abdullah.." Seperti yang didakwa Allahyarhamah Siti Aminah ini ‘kekasih gelap’ seseorang.. Betul ke?! Siapa yang bagi arahan dan siapa yang bunuh, korang jawab sendiri lah dengan Allah SWT - Tuhan maha mengetahui segalanya.

Jadi aku teringat pada lagu Sephia yang dipopularkan oleh aku, opssssss….. oleh Sheila On 7 suatu ketika dahulu. Aku dah ubah tajuk dan lirik lagu ni sikit bagi ‘kaw’ lagi dan jika ada sesiapa yang sudi jom le kita nyanyikan bersama-sama. Aku bagi tajuk lagu ni ‘Aminah’.

Hey Aminah
Malam ini ku takkan datang
Mencoba untuk berpaling sayang
Dari cintamu

Hey Aminah
Malam ini ku takkan pulang
Tak usah kau mencari aku
Demi “komisyen” mu
Hadapilah ini
Kisah kita takkan abadi

( korus 1 )
Selamat mati kekasih gelapku
( Oh… Aminah )
Semoga cepat kau lupakan aku
( Oh… Aminah )
Kekasih haprak mu
Pasti sanggup untuk meletupkan mu

( korus 2 )
Selamat jalan kasih tak terungkap
( Oh… Aminah )
Semoga kau lupakan aku cepat
( Oh… Aminah )
Kekasih jahanam mu
Pasti sanggup untuk mengebom mu

Hey Aminah
Jangan coba panggil namaku
Pasti kita takkan bertemu lagi di lain hari
Hadapilah ini
Kisah kita takkan abadi

( ulang korus 1 & 2 )( 2X )

Jom Peningkan umno Be eNd

Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin sanggup meredah hujan untuk menghadiri majlis makan malam PKR bersama masyarakat Cina di Simpang, Taiping.


Monday, March 30, 2009


Misteri kehadiran penyokong Umno@BN yang jauh lebih kecil berbanding Pakatan Rakyat mungkin terjawab dengan berita bahawa seramai 1600 ahli BN termasuk dari Umno, MCA dan MIC telah menyertai Pakatan Rakyat sejak Febuari lalu.. seterusnya dari angkasanuri

Maka Bermulalah "Perang Rakyat Untuk Rakyat"

Bukit Selambau: Samy Vellu kena maki

The first time Samy was verbally abused by this person was in Permatang Pauh. This morning at Bukit Selambau, he did it again. While Samy was in a very jovial mood, he walked up to him and demanded that the MIC supremo quit..


Bukit Gantang

Zambry Kadir mencetuskan ketegangan di sebuah masjid di kawasan parlimen Bukit Gantang apabila menegur Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin kerana mengimamkan solat maghrib atas permintaan iman masjid berkenaan.

Kejadian berlaku apabila pemimpin UMNO dan Pakatan Rakyat hadir bersama di Masjid Simpang selepas proses penamaan calon untuk kerusi parlimen Bukit Gantang semalam.

Antara yang hadir di masjid itu ialah Timbalan Presiden UMNO Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dan calon Barisan Nasional Ismail Safian.

Apabila Nizar bersalaman dengan Zambry, pemimpin UMNO itu dengan nada keras memberitahu Nizar bahawa "jika mahu jadi imam saya boleh jadi imam, jika nak tafsir saya boleh tafsir".

Nizar hanya membalas dengan senyum terhadap tindakan Zambry membawa perbezaaan politik ke kancah masjid.

Insiden itu dihuraikan oleh Datuk Seri Nizar yang menjadi calon Pakatan Rakyat dari PAS pada pilihanraya kecil Bukit Gantang 7 April ini. Berikutan catitan Datuk Seri Nizar dalam blognya:


Pohon sembah derkaha!

Hari penamaan calun PRK P059 Bkt Gantang bejalan lancar dengan sedikit huru hara sewaktu saya dan isteri bersama-sama pimpinan PAS lain memasuki pintu pagar dewan perbanadaran Taiping jam 8.45pagi.

Namun sewaktu pergi menunaikan solat maghrib di Masjid Simpang, saya diminta oleh imam Tuan Hj Hisham untuk mengimamkan solat tersebut dan saya bersetuju. Sewaktu masuk kemasjid saya diberitahu Tan Sri Muhyidin Yasin, Timb Presiden UMNO, dato Zambry Kader , calun Ismail Saffian dan ramai lagi pimpinan UMNO pusat dan negeri juga ada bersama. Pimpinan UMNO berada disaf pertama.

Pada rakaat pertama saya telah membaca ayat “wa’tasimu bihablillahi jamiian, walaa tafarraqu…. ” dan rakaat kedua surah Al-kaafirun.

Selepas solat saya membaca doa termasuk doa Qunut Nazilah yang turut diaminkan oleh semua ma’mum termasuk pimpinan tinggi UMNO.

UMNO menganjurkan solat hajat dipimpin oleh seorang imam impot, Hj Jama’iy namanya. Habis solat, imam Hj Hashim bangun dan berucap dihadapan dgn menyebut nama pimpinan UMNO Tan Sri Muhyiddin dan Dato’ Zambry. Nama saya juga disebut dan diraikan.
Imam telah mengundang saya menyampaikan tazkirah dengan memberi Tafsir ayat Quran yang saya baca pada rakaat pertama solat maghrib sebentar tadi.

Namun beberapa pimpinan UMNO setempat telah protes termasuk penasihat masjid (pakai songkok tinggi) yang menghalang dan mengarah supaya terus adakan majlis baca yaasin, berlaku sedikit komosi (commotion). Saya mengelak bagi memelihara suasana.

Habis baca yaasin saya pergi bersalam dengan Dato Zambry dan dia nampak berang dan menyatakan kepada saya , kenapa menggunakan masjid berpolitik dan tak sepatut saya jadi imam tadi. katanya lagi dengan nada kuat dan marah, “jika mahu jadi imam saya bolih jadi imam, jika nak tafsir saya bolih tafsir”. Saya tersenyum dan relaks sahaja dan terus meninggalkan majlis untuk acara lain . Hujan sungguh lebat ketika itu. Semua makmum melihat dan menyaksikan adegan kelakar dan “ajaib” tersebut dan ramai makmum mengiringi saya sewaktu meninggalkan masjid. Sekadar makluman! Doakan PR menang besar di P059 Bkt Gantang.

Posted by Dato’ Seri Ir. Haji Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

Di Batang Ai:

Dominique Ng causes a stir
During yesterday’s nomination day, the entire cabinet of Abdul Taib Mahmud were present. Sabah’s deputy chief minister Joseph Kitingan and two federal ministers were present.

A special tent was constructed for the VVIPs so that they could drink and wait for the outcome of the nomination. Another one was constructed for the Opposition.

Dominique Ng (pic above, left), PKR State assemblyman went to the tent housing the VVIPs to take photographs when one of the VVIPs asked him whether he went to the wrong place and that he should change his shirt. (Dominique at that time was wearing PKR shirt).

“No. I am happy with my baju,” he replied.

“Then you better leave, we do not want you,” said Alfred Jabu, deputy chief minister and deputy president of PBB.

“After this, we also do not want you,” replied Dominique.

“You talk big,” remarked Abdul Taib Mahmud, chief minister and president of PBB to the laughters of all present.

“Don’t worry, we are all big,” said Dominique before he was pulled away by a security personnel.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Beberapa pegawai polis sedang memerhatikan suasana dan gelagat penyokong kedua-dua parti di hari penamaan calon.



Dua puluh ribu penyokong Pakatan Rakyat

Lautan manusia

Presiden & Timb. Presiden PAS........DS Nizar & Wahid Endut

Dr. Haron Din .......................................Ust. Mujahid

Dr. Haron Din ................................Kamarudin Jaafar

Lim Kit Siang, Tian Chua & Dato' Ngeh Koh Ham

Lim Guan Eng ............................Hj. Osman & Hj. Ismail

Zahid Hamidi, Ismail Sapian, Muhyiddin & Mustafa

Yang kalah & yang tak layak bertanding Timbalan Presiden UMNO

Ahmad Said & Annuar Musa

Jins Shamsudin & "puteri"

Mungkin belum cukup umur mengundi

remaja atau pelajar sekolah menengah?


Dari: ajijoi

Posted by Azizul/ajijoi